Jo Bell’s Always There Awards #2

I like very much indeed Jo Bell’s gongs for the toilers – a greater honour in my book than an MBE.

The Bell Jar

The second of my big yellow blobs goes to someone who, with his team, has done this to British poetry until it woke up rather startled, and shown it how to put on a live event.

Who knew that we were allowed to have FUN? Who knew that poetry nights could be so loud that the neighbours complain? Who knew that an audience of people mixing all ages, all races, all kinds of taste would pay to hear an equally mixed range of poets? Who knew that by bringing a spirit of love and good humour into a pub in Southwark, he could bash down the barriers between Spoken Word and Proper Poetry, and make us all proud to be part of one large tribe?

Dan Cockrill

Dan did.

Dan and his team at Bang Said the Gun are multi-handed superheroes of the poetry scene. Their flagship night in London advertises itself…

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