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A poem by Adam Horovitz

July 31, 2014

A poem by Angela Readman

July 30, 2014

Elmer Fudd was a comic character in Mad Magazine when I first encountered him when it was still, sadly “acceptable” to mock those with physical or speech impediments. Our Deputy Head, Mr. Scupholme pronounced “r” as double-u ‘w’.
I can still her the half-back line for the First 11 for the following Saturday – B-woun; G-ween; and G-wegowy with a real effort when he knew that that the ‘w’ would out, no matter what effort he put into getting it right.
Thank you, Angela.


A poem by Kevin Reid

July 30, 2014

Life’s only certainty is change.

52 Meet and Perform for the Stratford Poetry Festival

July 29, 2014

Sadly I could not attend this jamboree with the brilliant Jo and the 52ers.
There is no doubt whatsoever in my experience that Jo’s invention of and careful nurturing of 52 has been a most significant development in UK poetry over the past decade or so.

Long may it continue to thrive, but it must not be allowed to suck Jo dry of all her creative juices.
It is time at this more than halfway stage to consider how best the lifeblood can be maintained long before 52 has to become 53.
Come on, folks – we are an inventive lot – who and where next year ?


52 The Event

52 by bernie briggs  © Bernie Briggs 2014

Jo Bell – creator of 52 and all round people’s goddess of poetry was this year’s resident poet for the Stratford Festival. She organised the virtual poets of 52 to meet up for a picnic at Hall’s Croft (the house of her residency) on Sunday 20th July, I cannot believe it was just 9 short days ago. Writing this blog post (which won’t look like it), has taken hours and brought all the excitement back to the surface again! Julie Gardener likened it to that strange state when you wake up from an anesthetic, relieved you are alive and a little out of your body and mind.

It was a superb day. The word of 52 has spread across the Midlands well, I had a small part to play in that – and so many local known poets were there – it was great to…

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Just one thing

July 29, 2014

Anthony Wilson


It all started with two remarks, one by a friend, the other by a stranger at work.


The friend’s first. I’d been whingeing, as I do, about the tiniest possibility that I appeared not to have achieved the level of world domination that my boundless talent merited.

My friend looked at me. She said, ‘So if I Googled you looking for your books and your poems, how would I find them?’

‘You do know about them,’ I said.

‘But people don’t. Where will they look?’

‘But people should already know about them,’ I said.

‘But let’s say they didn’t. Where would they look?’

I could feel sweat starting to form on my top lip.

‘Well, there’s that Poetry Society page…somewhere, I think, in the education bit, actually I’m not sure where it is, anyway, the Poetry Society, there, that’s one page, er, and the Poetry Archive has something…I think…’

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Two poems by John Foggin

July 11, 2014

A poem by Lesley Ingram

July 11, 2014

Three poems by Lesley Quayle

July 11, 2014