Jean Folan – Three Poems

The Galway Review

JEAN FOLANJean Folan lives in Inishcrone, Co. Sligo. She earned   MA in Writing at National University of Ireland, Galway. Her poems have been published in West 47, Crannóg, Revival, The Cuirt Annual, Network Magazine, Trácht Magazine, Midlife Slices Anthology. Shortlisted for The Cuirt New Writing Award 2007. A featured reader at Over the Edge 2007. Winner, Culture Night 2010 Ballina, Co. Mayo. Runner-up Culture Night 2012, Galway. Her first collection of poetry Between Time was published by Lapwing in 2013.



I mow grass,
blade to blades,
gentle first cut.

Between two clamps
sever the cord that links
mother and child.

I skirt the daffodils.

We keep the first lock
when society demands
for the toddler a haircut.

I circle the primrose.

The first razor bought
for a boy heralds
the promise of manhood.

I behead daisies.

Y-shaped incision.

In the after-cut
a thrush pecks,
for worms.

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