and the Poetry Competition Winners are…



 1st Prize        Sarah Leavesley          That Night 

 Winning Poem

Dust to Dust

Last Orders at the Light Bar – Gaia Holmes – 2nd Prize

Inspired by a typo on a menu that offers ‘deep fried lamp’ instead of ‘deep fried lamb’

The cheapest you can buy is the thick, bruised light

that follows heavy rain,

the brash blue glare of fly repellent lights,

the mean frowzy light from high rise stair-wells

or the soft, speckled gold of a microwave

cooking its load in the darkness.

Middle of the range is the subtle kind:

light glossing a bowl of green apples,

the muted glimmer of Koi carp in a pond,

sea light squeezed and filtered through a porthole,

the amber Rembrandt bloom of a country pub at night

or the quick flash of first light

bouncing off cans of Strongbow in the corner shop.


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