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Getting About

February 26, 2015

(with acknowledgement to BigCharliePoet)

The THEME visual I have chosen is of Venice, one of my favourite cities.

I have visited only once physically as a trip from our Hub at Riva at Lake Garda on the first foreign holiday I was able to enjoy, aged 12, and that trip was organised by my school.

School was then called Baines Grammar School for Boys on Hardhorn Road in Poulton-le-Fylde near Blackpool, a popular seaside resort on the Fylde Coast in Lancashire.

Quite why that holiday and Garda itself, Milan and other places en route have remained with me to some extent for the fifty-seven years since is hard to pin down, but it is Venice, The Pearl of the Adriatic, which truly won my heart, and still lingers in my memory at least weekly, if not on most days.

It is fitting, then, that these short memoirs of places I visit and enjoy should have Venice as their Fairy Godmother.

Onward and Upward, my Dad’s motto.