Small Temptations


I’ve always loved poetry, and came back to writing it shortly after being asked to photograph a local poetry reading.  This was one of the first poems I wrote after I became enthused again.  It was sparked by a real incident.

She is telling me about her husband’s affair
Shakes out the paper napkin
Places it neatly on her lap
All the while eyes lowered
As though ashamed
A necklace of red blotches at her throat
Belying anger
It should hold my attention
And in normal circumstances
I would have stopped
Mid forkful
To stare at her, open mouthed
As she describes
The final explosive row.

I would have tutted
At his boldness, his lies
As she repeats them word for practised word
Mouth forming a series of ugly shapes
I would not have noticed
The tiny piece of lettuce stuck between her teeth
The mayonnaise that flecks her chin

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