An Irish Accountant Foresees His Death by Niall Bourke

Three Drops from a Cauldron

An Irish Accountant Foresees His Death

My father read me a story once

It was about a warp-spasm warrior called Cú Chulainn who saved the men of Ulster from the armies of Connaught. To buy the Ulster men time to ready for war he rode out to meet the Connaught soldiers. Him alone and them an army. For months he fought them at the fords of rivers. He fought them in the shallows, one at a time, not stopping for eating nor sleeping and the bodies of the dead piled up so high that the rivers of Ulster became more flesh than water.

Eventually he was injured beyond standing but, to hide this from Connaught men, he lashed himself to a stone at the maw of a crossing (using ropes he hacked out from his own hair) and died on his feet, staring down his enemies through mountains of their…

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