Fancy the Trip of a Lifetime?

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The desire to return to British Columbia and the Yukon is always strong. I am planning to go there next year if possible, with the aim of travelling the full length of the Dempster Highway, a gravel road that connects the northern Yukon with the Beaufort Sea. I went up the first third of the Dempster in 2007 and have dreamed of enjoying the full experience ever since.

I am hoping to get a small group together to spend a month on the trip, to allow for plenty of walks ‘off piste’. Contact me if you are interested.

To give a glimpse, the following is an entry from my journal covering the first few days of my Dempster time in 2007. No photos, hopefully the text speaks…and you can Google Images the Dempster.

“The music-loving folk at the café had kindly let me recharge my MP3 player, giving me an…

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