DAY EIGHTY-TWO – Suzannah Evans

new boots and pantisocracies

The New Curriculum

With half an hour left of Double Jargon
Simon stood up from his chair.
He’d already earned detention that day
by saying that the air conditioning
sounded like the noise that you hear
when you put your ear to a shell
and now here he was, leaning
against the window, hands and breath
greasing the polished glass.

The rest of the class were silent
as they worked towards outcomes
or looked forward to their class trip
to the trading floor
and when the teacher asked Simon
what he was looking at
he sat back down without saying a word
but it was too late
all the others had followed his gaze
out towards the perimeter fence
where the swifts were
throwing their bodies through the joyous air
their wings the shape of boomerangs.

Suzannah Evans lives in Sheffield and her pamphlet Confusion Species was a winner in the…

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