Two excellent online poetry Magazines

Roy Marshall

A certain amount of income is required to subscribe to poetry magazines. In the last year one of my charity subscriptions regrettably had to go, and I also had to stop  subscriptions to Poetry London, The North, and I think, though I’m not sure, my beloved Rialto.   My subscription to the wonderful New Walk hasn’t run out, so I’m not a complete modern poetry exile just yet.

Thank goodness there are excellent internet magazines which carry poetry. The great Chicago based Poetry of course,  and two more modest and recent British outfits,  The Lampeter Review and Anthipon.

The former is based in Wales and you can read from its generous and well produced copy here. I’ve a short poem in there, (page 90 if you are interested,) alongside work by poets and prose writers like Edward Bond, Alison Moore and Hannah Lowe.

Antiphon is another exceptionally well set out magazine. Its full of…

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