Something about Frank O’Hara

Roy Marshall

A couple of years ago I read and enjoyed Frank O’Hara’s ‘Lunch poems’ for the first time.

Lunch poems

Intrigued, I looked up details of O’Hara’s life and discovered that he was active in the New York art world of the 1950’s, working as a reviewer for the journal Artnews. In 1960, he became assistant curator of painting and sculpture exhibitions for the Museum of Modern art. O’Hara was also friends with artists such as Williem de Kooning, Norman Bluhm, Larry Rivers and Joan Mitchell.

Around the time I was reading O’Hara, I came across an article about abstract art. The writer recounted a scene from around the turn of the millennium in which a discussion took place about who made the first abstract art. Unfortunately I can remember neither the scource of the article nor the writer’s name. The poem below began by using detail from the text, so it’s partially a ‘found…

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