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The previous post ended with a reference to over 30,000 people from Oxford going down to London to watch the Yellows in a football game. In the event there were 32,500, and there was righteous celebration as Oxford won the game by 3 goals to 1. My son’s badly sung message on the voicemail service betrayed a very hoarse throat.

Coincidentally, 32 – 33k is roughly the entire population of Yukon, give or take the odd ‘cheechako’ (newcomer). And Yukon could hold 4 UKs…or goodness knows how many Oxfords.

So there is something very intoxicating about the sense of spaciousness here. You apprehend it through your five senses, but you can only begin to comprehend it with your heart and your mind. It is a rich, positive sense of space…not an absence of energy.

There’s an old gospel song called Fifty Miles of Elbow Room. In Yukon you can have…

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