A Sonnet to Free Benefit by Andy Brown

I am not a silent poet

Benefit; confusing word oft used, seldom heard or understood as if it ever could be something
good that perhaps should be celebrated not calibrated by government.
Internment was another designed to smother those that could not agree how the state should
be free; through conditions ascribed, opportunities proscribed, of how to live and give within
the norm and form of a perfect storm of oppression. 

Now, again, there is a need for love to seed, to patch the thatch of the roof of truth that
shelters the helter-skelter and merry go round found in a dripping sieve of media that gives a
tributary of fear where compassion will completely disappear into an ugly pool of aggression.

 But wait, we can choose how to live and know why to give is only ever the right decision,
snuff out the light that ignites the fight of those who live for…

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