Australia’s solution to Brexit

Andrew MacLeod

Dear England, Australia here.

We hear you are in a spot of bother with this Brexit thing. The Kiwis tell us you are having a bit of a spat with the Germans and French about immigration, while Scotland is trying to keep Mel Gibson happy with another shot at Braveheart.

You’ve always been there to help us, well, if you ignore Gallipoli and Singapore, so we are here to help you now. We even have a name for our solution. We call it ‘Cobber Together’.

It goes like this. You want to leave the EU and Scotland wants to leave you. If you are not careful you’ll be left on your lonesome with no mates. But because we like you, and Lizzie rules over us both, why not join us as the Seventh State?

We could call the combined entity the Union of Australia, but we understand you don’t like…

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