Jess Mookherjee featured poet

Abegail Morley


*Temeslos is Celtic name for the River Thames, the Latin is Tameses and in Sanskrit, Tamas meaning Dark Water

Hard water, you curl soft lapping
slaps against your green tide-marked chest.
Roman nose, flared, you turn cheek bones,

your receding hair-line to the sea, out to Tilbury,
you knew what the rush of wind would bring.
your knotted brows saw the tea-clipper off

with sea shanties and rum. Fish swam in your cataract
eyes and your cracked breast.
Boatmen barged stones on your back. You forget

once you were the tideway,
the dark man, the slither – pushing into yourself,
into a land denned by banks, planks, turnpikes and sewers.

Your tide turns to the sound of bells, gulls,
applause and mobile phone ring tones.
You still have a dirty tongue and that strong-man swell.

The Changing

At night she dives into wet corridors,
seeps from blankets,
slathers across…

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