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August, by Tove Jansson

August 7, 2016

Anthony Wilson


Every year, the bright
Scandinavian summer nights
fade away without anyone


One evening in August
you have an errand outdoors,
and all of a sudden
it’s pitch-black.

A great warm, dark
surrounds the house.
It is still summer,

but summer is no longer
It has come
to a standstill;


withers, and autumn
is not ready to begin.
There are no stars yet,
just darkness.

The can of kerosene
is brought up from the cellar
and left in the hall,
and the lamp is hung up
on its peg by the door.
Day by day,


moves closer
to the house.

Tove Jansson, from The Summer Book, p.166

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John Grey

August 5, 2016

The Open Mouse


On a meadow at wood’s edge,
June floats in on black and orange wings,
completes Spring’s promise,
fuels Summer’s largesse.

My eyes have their wish –
the monarchs have arrived.
Such a will to live.
Scraps of creature
cheating the wrecking ball of weather
from far down south
all the way to my doorstep.

What is sadness compared to this?
Deft as a ballerina’s toes
or a deaf man’s fingers,
they find, in air, a secret language,
writ from buttonbush to aster.

Beyond prevailing platitudes,
delicate purpose becomes beauty.
Instinct rivals even love.

Copyright © John Grey 2016

John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident. Recently published in New Plains Review, South Carolina Review, Gargoyle and Big Muddy Review with work upcoming in Louisiana Review, Cape Rock and Spoon River Poetry Review.

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HistoryofLancs Blog 3 : The River Wyre Ports , Skippooll creek and Wardleys – Poulton , Blackpool and the Fylde coast

August 2, 2016


Blog number 3 –  The River Wyre Historic Ports – Wardley’s and Skippool

Ok for blog number 3 I have chosen to cover Skippool  creek and smuggling along the river Wyre. It was suggested by a follower and after a bit of research it looked a great topic to write about. For the purpose of the blog we are including Wardleys , which is on the other side of the Wyre as well as they were linked and share similar sorts of history. There has been a little more interest in the sites recently as they have been a topic which the Blackpool dungeons have covered and indeed its one of their primary exhibitions in the Tower complex.

The location of skippool is in a meander of the river Wyre , near to shard bridge and the modern River Wyre pub. It is very popular with walkers who enjoy the…

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Food Bank by Pat Edwards

August 1, 2016

I am not a silent poet

I make regular deposits

see you right for Fray Bentos pies

served with tinned peas

followed by more tinned stuff

nice hearty meals


You make regular withdrawals

shop the aisles for bargains

served with tinned love

followed by more tinned stuff

nice hearty meals


We make regular savings

cut back on welfare benefits

served with tinned austerity

followed by more tinned stuff

nice hearty deals


We make regular interest

spread the cost of living

served with tinned unction

followed by more tinned stuff

nice heartless deals


I make regular deposits

see you right for Cheapo Meatballs

served with tinned spuds

followed by more tinned stuff

nice heartfelt meals


You make regular withdrawals

swallow plates of pride

served with tinned take it

followed by tinned or leave it

nice heartfelt appeals

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