Jinny Fisher – 2 poems

The Poetry Shed

Fish-paste Sandwiches

After Anthony Rudolf’s “Perfect Happiness”

My grandmother wears a floral frock and a grey cardigan, no bra. She doesn’t hug or kiss. The hall smells of damp and lavender. I hang my blazer and satchel from the coat-stand and follow her into the kitchen to sit at the Formica-topped table. There is no heating. Grandmother makes the tea in her Victorian silver teapot and serves it in a rosebud china cup, with a saucer. There are fish-paste sandwiches and a rock bun, which she serves as a treat, but it’s hard to swallow. When I need the lavatory, I can choose between the bathroom upstairs, which is cold, and the one by the back door. That one has spiders in the top corners.

After tea, we go into the sitting room. There is an upright piano, but she doesn’t ask me to play it. We play Bezique, which…

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