David Mark Williams

The Open Mouse

Buddha Man on the Beach

Conspicuous in black trousers
and crisp white shirt
among the early birds working out,

he walks the promenade to the measure
of a slow, deliberate breath.
On the beach he becomes

a seated figure in an orange robe
to face the sun sliding free
of the wooded ridge.

Let me burn, his body says,
let these bones show white as an x-ray.
He offers no target.

There is nothing but the moment
which itself is nothing,
wave upon wave, breath after breath.

When the boat arrives
chugging close to the shore
to jet wash the pebbles, he does not move

and the boatmen do as they always do,
spray either side of him,
leave him there on a long dry line.

Copyright © David Mark Williams 2016

David Mark Williams lives in Castle Douglas, south west Scotland. He has won prizes for his poetry in…

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