“The Invention of Butterfly” Christopher James (Ragged Raven Poetry)

Emma Lee & Paul Lee's Poetry & Stories

This wonderful collection is infused with and sustained by an ebullience that, at times, is almost exhausting.  Too grounded to be surreal, too substantial to be conceits, dense in content but light in touch, many of these poems are written in the style of comic magic realism.  The sense of delight they carry, their wit, inventiveness and warmth, are overwhelming (from “Cold Storage”):

We are currently seeking a Writer-in-Residence to spend six months
in Antarctica with the British Antarctic Survey,
…You will be able to rhyme
‘crevasse’ with ‘ice age’ and make it sound convincing.
…Poets must know at least seven words for white.
You shall not quote from Captain Oates for the duration of your stay
and may only imitate Frankie Howerd on birthdays and feast days.
…Short-listed candidates will be invited to attend a selection centre
north-east of Kilbride, to test the effect of low temperature on…

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