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Way Back When

May 15, 2014




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I post this not really to promote the site of The (though I have been considering joining an ancestry-tracing site as I do not know much at all about the previous generations of the families of my father and mother).


What attracted me is the depiction of how not only my own hometown of Blackpool must have looked at the end of the reign of Queen Victoria, but the seashore scene at so many of what have become modern seaside resorts both on the Fylde Coast and at the edge of land throughout the UK.  I regularly watch COAST , the lively and informative BBC combined travelogue and social history documentary, and because I was born “Beside the seaside – beside the sea” in the words of the long-gone popular song, I have always felt a strong connection with the beach, the waves, the storms, the strong winds, and the perpetuity of “fresh air and fun”, one of Blackpool’s early advertising slogans.

Our locations surely have a very definite shaping effect on us, I’m sure, and much of what I write nowadays relies on those memories of growing up here and in Southport, my other favourite resort.

Hope you feel inclined to take a trip.